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Users of handheld recorders need a convenient and secure way to submit dictations.

Digital Transcription's Dictation Client (IDC) provides that experience.

• ...easily retrieves dictations to submit for production

• ...remembers user settings for quick actions

• ...supports many file types including dss & ds2

• ...supports Windows XP & Windows Vista

The IDC also supports dictation directly to the PC microphone.
I strongly recommend that you give serious consideration to their services.  I don't believe you will be sorry if you do; we haven't been. 
Piedmont Physical Medicine
Oh, and one thing, when you need service--they are right there!
Iva Family Medicine
...I have found them to be a company of integrity and skill.  Piedmont Comprehensive Pain Management Group
Hello, I'm Ralph Bass.

I would like to introduce you to Digital Transcription Inc. DTI provides you a quality transcription service with great pricing and a unique customer service commitment.

We transcribe both business dictation and medical dictation.  And very importantly we do this in the very strict environment of the new HIPAA Act and the HITECH Act. One cannot over estimate the importance of fully adhering to these new laws. Digital Transcription Inc meets or exceeds each of these new criteria.


Digital Transcription Inc’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) Web Portal provides unmatched flexibility for dictating authors and their representatives to review production of their transcription work and influence outcomes. Each job is matched to a dictation confirmation number and can be easily found. Saved searches allow users to identify jobs conveniently based on their own criteria.

For those preferring to dictate by telephone, Digital Transcription Inc’s Telephone Dictation System (TDS) provides unmatched flexibility. From telephone numbers to login IDs to keypad command mappings, we can accommodate facility preferences.

The TDS supports local telephone numbers for most U.S. markets virtually eliminating the need for long distance charges. Toll free (8xx) numbers are also available, and customers can even port existing telephone numbers to the TDS. Our servers are located in a hardened data center. Custom assignment of telephone keys for dictation commands (i.e. record, rewind) further reduce any inconvenience associated with changing dictation systems. Confirmation numbers accompany each job providing accountability and tracking throughout the transcription process.

Leverage Digital Transcription Inc’s transcription platform to revolutionize your medical documentation processes. Innovative tools for help manage dictation, transcription and document delivery. Our system boosts productivity, cuts turnaround time and increases efficiency while supporting a secure, distributed workflow.

Healthcare facilities receive accurate documents faster and more conveniently leading to faster billing cycles, better compliance and higher provider satisfaction.

A Secure, Online Dictation and Transcription Platform that Interfaces with EMR's
Specialists in the Transcription of Both Medical and Business Dictation
These are the main reasons I am so pleased with DTI:
1) The superior quality of their work.
2) The true next day turn around...
3) The proofreading they do before the work is sent back to us. ....

Gaston Medical Group
Department of Veterans Affairs
Users will wonder how they ever lived without this much access and control. Securely accessible from any location via Internet Explorer, users of the EHR Web Portal can:

• ...monitor production status of each dictation

• ...listen to dictations

• ...eSign reports through convenient walk-through

• ...edit transcribed documents

• ...fax to referring physicians on-demand

• ...automatically print envelopes for letters

• ...return documents for QA corrections

• ...quickly find and reprint reports for six months

On behalf of the U.S. Department of
Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for
Verification (CVE), I am writing to inform
you that Digital Transcription, LLC Dba
Digitran has been verified  as a Veteran-
owned small business (VOSB) and added
to the Veteran business database at  Digital Transcription,
LLC Dba Digitran will be eligible to
participate in Veterans First Contracting
Program opportunities with VA. 


Andrea M. Gardner-Inoe
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