Well, as much as we would like to ignore it, it’s not going away. The “it” is, of course, government regulation of medical records. They have spoken and we all need to get on board (dare I say “or else”?).

There are two elements to all this. The first involves the creation of the medical records by government approved methods. The second involves the storage of these records.

Digital Transcription does the first of these two-the creation of the medical records. Here is a summary of these laws as it affects both of us.

We are required to:
Specialists in the Transcription of Medical Dictation
• Use a Top-Tier Data Center for contained and controlled PHI (Protected Health Information)
• Use password and
role-based protection for PHI
• Provide automatic
PHI removal from transcriptionists’ computers (This is huge)
• Provide
confirmation of delivery
• Provide a
comprehensive audit trail for the workflow (Another big issue)
As a result of these laws, Digital Transcription Inc has implemented a new web based transcription platform that meets or exceeds all these new laws. With Digital Transcription Inc all your medical records will be fully HIPAA compliant. In addition, your medical transcription can be delivered to EMR’s. If you are not yet on EMR’s, we will work closely with you during the transition to make sure all your dictation/transcription is merged into your patient records seamlessly.
Doctors can dictate by telephone or upload dictations via handheld recorders (even the new ones that record in DS2 format!). They can also dictate via a microphone plugged into a computer.
With our web based platform, you are able to track, listen to, or designate STAT dictations via online access. You can also eSign finished reports with editing capabilities. Finished reports can be automatically delivered to the EMR, SFTP, or fax. Plus you can print or download them from the web. We can discuss all these options with you-and we will set up the easiest document delivery method that works for you.

Now here is a critical question: does your current medical transcription service or process fully meet these five criteria listed above? There are no options here; they must do so-and soon.